Wire Collar, Bracelet and Earrings - Silver and Black 7THE ATHENA COLLECTION
The collar section of the neck piece is hand wrapped and sculpted silver wire, with gemstones and accent beads incorporated into the wire work. Miscellaneous gems and beads complete the rich, dramatic neck piece. My signature Asymmetrical designs add artisan flair, yet are well balanced.
The hand wrapped and sculpted wire bracelet is embellished with gemstones and accent beads that are incorporated into the wire work. Includes companion earrings.

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The Rogue and The Wench - Set - 2
The ROGUE and The WENCH rings
SAVE $35 when buying The WENCH and The ROGUE WEDDING Set
An intricate pattern of renaissance style sterling silver is fused onto extra wide bands of STERLING SILVER, then brushed to a satin luster. These ring are very hefty and substantial, and will last many, many, many years.
The edge of the bands are beveled for a comfortable fit. Solid Sterling Silver.
Psst …  You don’t have to be getting married to enjoy these! They make a beautiful statement ring or a really, really cool thumb ring. 



Wide, smooth bands of are brushed of sterling silver are hand brushed and then fitted with a spinning floral band. Available with spinning band of sterling or gold filled.

A relatively recent concept in jewelry, these rings draw their inspiration from ancient Tibetan prayer wheels. The outer bands are free to spin around the inner ring, giving the wearer a special “calming” effect. Aside from there spiritual properties these rings are extremely stylish and sophisticated. A perfect gift, they are trendy and fashionable yet spiritual and meaningful. 

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