About Francesca

1338630324245I combine precious metals, hand etched glass, gems and gemstones to create fine artisan jewelry that makes a statement.  My work is bold, expressive and filled with texture.

 I want you to be enticed to look at the design and investigate the detailed work involved, to touch it and discover its texture, personality and beauty.


A jewelry artist since 2001, I am mostly self taught, but I have taken workshops from some of the nation’s finest jewelry artist. I’m not always as disciplined as I should be.      I hardly ever read all the directions or follow a pattern.  I take an inspiration and the materials and start to work intuitively, working until I get a something I like.

Techniques include metalsmithing, wire wrapping, soldering, wire weaving, precious metal clays and polymer clays.  My collections are shown throughout the South East and West Coast in galleries and boutiques, as well as fine are shows.

I also teach jewelry design and fabrication.  This allows me to connect with kindred spirits, sharing positive energy and learning from every student.  Teaching has helped me to evolve and develop as artist.  Each new technique I learn is an opportunity to share the excitement.  My students are talented, hungry jewelry artists who are always excited to go to the next level.  It feeds my spirit to see them develop as premier, respected jewelry artists.  I always encourage you to add your own personality and flair to the designs learned, making the design yours alone, developing a signature style.


Online: www.francescalynn.com
Email: fran@francescalynn.com

ETSY Shop: Francesca Lynn
Tumblr: Francesca Lynn Artisan Jewelry
Facebook: FrancescaLynnFineArtJewelry
Pinterest: Francesca Lynn Fine Artisan Jewelry
Instagram: FrancescaLynn
Google+: google.com/+FrancescaFineArtJewelryLynn2014
Twitter: FrancescaLynn



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