Questions and Answers ~ Silversmithing

Q: If I decide to put a cab on a ring,  do I do it after bending ring  into circle?  Seems it would be impossible to bend after putting cab on.  Or the same with decorating ring with wire. ~ Mary from Crossville, TN

A: Oh, this one is hard to answer. It kinda depends on the design since there are many, many ways to construct a ring. Please remember, these are not ‘hard rules,’ and each ring’s architecture will need to be considered and planned out

  • Bezels can be soldered onto the band after the band is shaped, either by’sweat soldering’ or traditional soldering.
  • If I want to add wire embellishments to the shank, I usually do this while the shank is flat, then I turn, shape and size the ring.  Next I solder the bezel for the cab onto the shank, and I set the cabochon last.




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