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Messin’ Up In Social Media by Francesca

social-media-marketing-2f485fde48Imagine over 450 million people logging into their social media accounts daily. Yes… 450 million! It’s definitely a resource that should not be ignored.

Social media is considered to be one of the most important functions on the internet. Never in the internet’s short yet explosive history has there been anything as exciting, and as potentially useful when it comes to marketing and brand recognition, as social media.

However, as fast as social media can propel a business, it can also destroy it almost overnight.

Improper use of the social media machine can kill sales. Even worse, Continue reading


Control Your Expenses

Control Your Expenses
By Francesca

Keep your expenses and overhead low.
Don’t step in over your head. Don’t purchase every cool tool you see. Will you really use it enough to justify the investment? Can you wait a while longer? I bought so many tools and supplies in the beginning. Most of them ended up in a drawer for years, until I just happened to Continue reading